Adagio Announcements Fourth of July 2015

Adagio Announcements Fourth of July 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.40.11 PMHappy Fourth of July 2015. We wish you all the best on this momentous weekend.

We have several announcements for you:

1. William Dean A. Garner will be a guest on David Wilcock’s DISCLOSURE tv show this Thursday, July 9th. He will be discussing the history and actions of the Jesuits. You can watch it here.

2. NEW BOOK: ARCANUM  by Sean Maclaren is one of two sequels to Who Really Owns Your Gold by Dean Garner. Gold was an introductory historical perspective about the Jesuits and their malevolent actions and behaviors over the centuries here in America. The 406-page sequel is a highly detailed and provocative two-part essay:

Part One is an unsparing, meticulous and diligent analysis and evaluation of each of the original 36 sermons of Jmmanuel Sananda, the half-extraterrestrial stargod and half-human being known to the world as Jesus Christ.

Part Two is an actual full English translation and new edit (for clarity and readability) of the original sermons.

The book also reveals for the first time ever more than 120 Laws of Creation and the Universe, and over 500 excellent primary references for researchers, scholars and students.

The companion website features all 500+ references on Jmmanuel, the Jesuits and their associates.

eBook available from Adagio Press.

Paperback available from

3. Who Really Owns Your Gold is available on Amazon at a deeply discounted price.

4. Sean Maclaren’s second sequel to Gold is Romanic Depression, and will be available in early 2016. It illustrates how the Jesuits control and manipulate more than 40 sectors of American society today.

Thank you for your continuing support.


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