DISCOURSE ON VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE: Why People Enslaves Themselves to Authority

While short in words, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude speaks volumes to all those who value liberty on all levels, but who are currently trapped in the yoke of oppression by the many tyrants in every government and institution. This book may be considered the flip-side to Machiavelli’s The Prince, which teaches would-be dictators how to acquire and maintain power over people and institutions.

SUN TZU THE ART OF WAR: Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Twist

This contemporary edition of Sun Tzu’s masterpiece is just as, if not more, relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago. In the current geopolitical environment, our military and civilian leaders should be taking Sun Tzu’s wisdom to heart, and implementing tactics and strategies that will ensure we do not engage in any further wars, battles or skirmishes. 

Sun Tzu teaches us that war is unnecessary . . . peace is always the goal.


Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince has become a classic over the centuries since it first appeared around 1510, not because of its elegance or style but because of its subversive content about the true nature of power. Mainstream historians and academics have labeled it a “political treatise,” but this is only a small part of a much larger and more-important picture.

The Prince isn’t just for princes who thirst for or are forcibly thrown into advancement. It is a raw and bloody field manual for upper- and mid-level managers on predatorial ethics and power: what it is, how to obtain it, and what to do with it once you have found, stumbled across, or been granted it.


First published in 1922 by Ms. Burke McCarty, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln reveals the accurate gritty details of the Jesuit’s sinister plot to murder yet another American president. You will soon discover:

  • How the Jesuits used the Vatican to help plan the assassination
  • The identity of the Vatican cardinal who planned the attack
  • The identities of the ultra-secret European “High Contracting Parties,” the monarchs who plotted to overthrow the United States of America
  • The full text of the Secret Treaty of Verona
  • How the European Saint Leopoldine Foundation spy system infiltrated American politics
  • Why the pope declared himself King of America
  • The secret history of the Congress of Vienna of 1814
  • How the US Congress knew of the plot to overthrow America
  • The Secret Jesuit Oath
  • Why the Roman Catholic Church protected prostitutes and their profession
  • Why Abraham Lincoln defended the Roman Catholic priest, Father Charles Chiniquy
  • How Abraham Lincoln drew the wrath of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits
  • How the Jesuits assassinated SIX American presidents in 60 years
  • How the Jesuit-controlled Vatican emplaced their own ruler in Mexico to destabilize America

THE ESCAPE AND SUICIDE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH: The Jesuit Assassin of Abraham Lincoln

John Wilkes Booth, the Jesuit assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, did not die in 1865, as stated in revisionist history books and other accounts.

Living under assumed names, Booth traveled in the western United States and in Mexico, then settled in the Oklahoma Territories, where he lived until 1903.

Researcher, author and attorney Finis L. Bates reveals the mystery behind Booth’s alleged “death” in 1865, and shares personal discussions he had with Booth, who openly confessed to the assassination and the parts played by the many conspirators who aided him. 

Bates also includes detailed accounts from many other parties who were intimately familiar with the conspiracy and with Booth personally.

Meticulously researched and presented, The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth sheds light on the grand conspiracy to murder President Abraham Lincoln and to conceal the escape and later whereabouts of his assassin.

Originally published in 1907, this current version has been edited for clarity, while preserving the author’s original content and style.

ROMANIC DEPRESSION: How the Jesuits Designed, Built and Destroyed America

The true power behind the Illuminati will shock you. Romanic Depression reveals how the nearly 500-year-old Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, have carefully and systematically designed, built and destroyed the United States of America.

Using examples from all sectors of society, Maclaren also details the mechanisms used by the Jesuits to cleverly hide their efforts in plain sight, while distracting Americans with endless forms of false news, mindless entertainment, and highly addictive sports programming.

The book also contains 25 pages of excellent references for those who wish to investigate the Jesuits further.


General Thomas M. Harris, a member of the Lincoln Assassination Military Commission, possessed first-hand information about how the Jesuits plotted over many months in different cities in Rome, Italy, Canada and the United States to murder America’s President Abraham Lincoln and take further control of the American government and her people.


The Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, employed the Vatican, Austrian Prince Metternich and his St. Leopold Foundation to infiltrate the United States of America. The Jesuits used thousands of subservient Catholic mobs, which were sent to America in droves to populate cities and towns. 

More than 90% of all immigrants in America at the time were poor, uneducated Catholics, mostly from Ireland and Germany, who were under the full control of their Jesuit priests who ensured the mobs would act when called upon.

Samuel F.B. Morse spent several years in Europe, mostly near Rome, studying the actions and behaviors of the Jesuits, and conferring with dignitaries and others who had intimate knowledge of the Jesuits and their intrigues. Morse quickly realized this valuable information was known only to those outside America’s borders, so he sought remedy by compiling his observations into a book that he would soon publish in America under the pseudonym Brutus.


Rev. Charles Chiniquy chronicles his 50 years as a servant of the Church of Rome, while also revealing the evil machinations of the Jesuits and their Roman Catholic minions. 

He includes information about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by the Jesuits, and their controlling the United States and other countries.

MEDIEVAL HERESY AND THE INQUISITION: How the Vatican Got Away with the Murders of Millions of Innocent People

Arthur S. Turberville details the Vatican’s doctrine underlying the violent Roman Inquisition, which was used to suppress all opponents to the Roman Catholic Church’s well-established religion. 

This book is not a detailed history of the Inquisition, but rather an excellent survey of literature on the Church’s doctrines on this practice.

WHO REALLY OWNS YOUR GOLD: How the Jesuits Use Gold Economics to Control Humanity

The true power behind the Illuminati. 

Who Really Owns Your Gold is about more than just gold economics. It’s about the manipulation of every sector of life across the globe by a dynastic group of men in Rome, who are successfully building a world that is counter to every good belief we hold dear and true.

ARCANUM: A critical analysis of the original 36 sermons of Jmmanuel, the man known to the world as Jesus Christ

Part One is an unsparing, meticulous and diligent analysis and evaluation of each of the original 36 sermons of Jmmanuel Sananda, the half-extraterrestrial and half-human known to the world as Jesus Christ.

Part Two is an actual full English translation and new edit (for clarity and readability) of the 36 extant sermons of Jmmanuel.

Part Three is a detailed listing of The Laws of Creation and the Universe. 

There are also more than 500 excellent primary references for serious historians, researchers and students.


The following book contains a detailed extraction and presentation of The Laws of Creation and The Universe, and also the laws and commandments laid down by Jmmanuel Sananda. He preached them in sermons during his various sojourns in villages, towns and cities in the Middle East, then later in India and Kashmir, while his kin, disciples and scribes recorded them and handed them down to trusted followers.

The Laws were developed by Jmmanuel’s extraterrestrial beings, who planned a systematic way for humans to coexist on Mother Earth.

VA DISABILITY CLAIM: How to Prepare, File and Maintain a VA Disability Claim and Appeal, 3rd Edition

VA Disability Claim, Third Edition, has been revamped to reflect the hundreds of suggestions from discerning and caring veterans who commented on the First Edition.     

The current edition omits the considerably damning intel on VA malpractice and malfeasance, and strictly focuses on how to prepare, file and maintain a VA disability claim and appeal.

HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK: A Simple and Practical Method For Anyone Who Can Tell A Story

Do you sense you have a book inside you, but have no idea how to get it out of your head?
Are your family and friends telling you to write that book, simply because you’re a great storyteller?
Have you tried to write your first book and then stopped, not knowing how to proceed?
Have you bought other writing books, manuals and guides, but they just didn’t resonate within you?
Do you have a nagging voice inside you, telling you to do something? 

William Garner employs a simple, step-by-step, building-block method we have used all our lives, and includes easy-to-follow examples and exercises.

A TODDLER'S TRAVELOGUE: Little-Known History and Fun Stuff For Parents

Written by a precocious four-year-old girl, Skyye Seawirth, a toddler’s travelogue dishes out funnies and wisdoms about little-known American history and life. Illustrated by MarinaK, the book features wisdoms from Skyye’s grandmother, Grams, and Skyye’s preschool teacher, Miss Ramirez.

SURRENDER TO KINDNESS: One Man's Epic Journey For Love and Peace

Surrender to Kindness, a beautifully written and designed memoir, is what New York Times bestselling author Steven Pressfield calls a “radical manifesto.” The Midwest Book Review gives it FIVE STARS and says Surrender to Kindness is “An important read, and very highly recommended.” Former CIA officer and now international security consultant Robert David Steele says, “I have goosebumps as I contemplate this book . . . I am reminded by this author of Bonheoffer, of Gandhi, of Nelson Mandela.” Surrender to Kindness is a means to wage peace in Afghanistan, which has known nothing but war for more than three decades. Politicians and military leaders would like to wage a “successful” war in Afghanistan, but author Joseph David Osman has a different idea. 

Over a six-year period, Mr. Osman listened intently to prisoners, village elders and men and teens, former Taliban soldiers and sympathizers, and academics and military and civilian leaders. In all his conversations with the people of Afghanistan, a pattern emerged: they wanted peace, freedom and liberty. And they were willing to fight for those universal rights. Mr. Osman, affectionately called Santa Claus and the Red Bucket Brigade by one of his commanders, wandered out into the wilds of Afghanistan, distributing gifts like shampoo, pens and pads of paper, brushes, radios, and other useful items to thousands of Afghan villagers. He touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people, each of whom responded and opened up to him. Surrender to Kindness, or S2K, is not simply an adage that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is a way of life that Mr. Osman firmly believes in, practices every moment of his life, and shares with others wherever he goes. 

Written in powerful and passionate prose, Steven Pressfield says, “you can’t read Surrender to Kindness and not be changed by it.” With 145 dramatic b/w photographs.