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Jon Macintosh: VA Disability Claim
Rio Ramirez: Bloodsmoke, Deadlight
Sean Maclaren: Arcanum
William Garner: Who Really Owns Your Gold
Sun Tzu: The Art of War

About Adagio

Adagio Press was founded in 2001. Over the years, we have added several excellent books to our list, including Your Veterinary Practice: Buying, Selling & Merging; Surrender to Kindness: One Man's Epic Journey for Love and Peace; VA Disability Claim; Sun TzuThe Art of War; and Arcanum, among other inspirational reads.

Upcoming Titles

Rio Ramirez: Postcards From Rio
Sean Maclaren: Romanic Depression: How the Deadlight of the Black Pope and Jesuit Militia Distort the History of the United States of America